♥ Please Lord, Grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change. ♥

Hey, my names Taylor. I'm twenty-one. I don't believe in lies. I smoke weed.. A lot. I fight for what i believe in. I look at the sky and day dream daily. I love to smile and have a very interesting sense of humor. I'm Happily in a relationship so please don't be disrespectful. I'm here to express myself, not be a whore.

Yes, my page is sexual so if you're here to complain don't bother, i don't care. Being comfortable with ones sexuality is an important thing in my eyes. Hope you enjoy yourselves and please don't be shy(;

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Yeah baby

Yeah baby

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"Saturday night.. Rough sex… "

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"We had the best mid day sex…
Now he’s making ME a sandwich

— Spoiled
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